ISO tank containers

We manufacture ISO tank containers 1CC / 1BB / 1AA, designed for the safe transportation of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) by road, rail, waterway and maritime transport. Containers can also be used for temporary storage or as an alternative option of backup storage of LPG for different technologies.

ISO tank containersTank containers are manufactured and certified according to international standards PED, ISO 1496-3, CSC, IMDG, RID, ADR.

The container ensures the complete inviolability and integrity of transported cargo from the seller to the buyer. The container has a solid structure for multiple use.

ISO tank container is equipped with:

  • Waves breakers
  • Manhole DN500
  • Footbridges and protective roof
  • Stainless steel cabinet containing draining and filling mechanisms, safety valves etc.

On request, the tank container can be equipped with automatic tracking system GPS or GLONASS.

Technical data:

Max. specific gravity (kg / l) 0,7
Max. working pressure (bar) 16,4
Test pressure (bar) 25
Operating temperature (°C) -40/+50
Medium Liquefied gas DIN 51622 / EN 589
Authorized max. weight of upper tank containers during stacking (kg) 19 2000
Materials Tank vessel P460LN2 (EN 10028-3)
Frame S355J2H (EN 10025-2); S235JRH (EN 10025-2)
Roof Stainless steel 1.4301 (EN 10088-2)
Surface coating According to EN ISO 12944-5
ESD protection YES
Approvals PED, ISO 1496-3, CSC, IMDG, RID, ADR

Download: ISO tank containers 1CC (PDF)

ISO tank containers
ISO tank containers
ISO tank containers
ISO tank containers

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  • 11/2017

    As every year, we will be present at German national LPG Association Forum & Exhibition 08-09. November 2017, in Würzburg, Germany. Please come to visit us at our booth #25.

    The Forum & Exhibition will take place this year in Maritim Hotel Würzburg, Pleichertorstraße 5, 97070 Würzburg.

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