Gas flow measuring systems

Gas flow measuring systems Kadatec are designed to be mounted on dispensers, road tankers and terminals for liquid and LP gas phase measurement using Coriolis principle. The systems include measurement as well as data evaluation and displaying.

The Coriolis flow measurement principle is described here:

Coriolis measurement is the universal measuring principle for liquids and gases, by which the mass flow, density, temperature and viscosity are measured simultaneously. The measuring accuracy is very high (±0.1%).



  • 11/2017

    As every year, we will be present at German national LPG Association Forum & Exhibition 08-09. November 2017, in Würzburg, Germany. Please come to visit us at our booth #25.

    The Forum & Exhibition will take place this year in Maritim Hotel Würzburg, Pleichertorstraße 5, 97070 Würzburg.

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