LPG level monitoring system

LPG monitoring system
The liquid gas level monitoring system (telemetry) is designed for remote monitoring of gas level in LPG tank and can be used to monitor and manage gas supply. The data are available directly on the mechanical indicator of the transmitter and are also transmitted via radio to the receiver display.

The kit is composed of transmitter KTX01 and receiver KRX02.
A medium device KRT01 can be optionally used to extend the reception range.

The kit is designed for mounting for domestic installations, LPG refuelling stations and industrial systems.

LPG monitoring systemThe system is available in 2 versions: Basic and GSM.

Basic version: transmission of data on the amount of liquid gas in the tank. Data are displayed on the LCD of the receiver as % value of the tank volume.

LPG monitoring systemGSM version: the receiver additionally has an implemented GSM modem, which allows the user to check the gas level with his mobile phone. To manage multiple tanks, the data can be monitored via a computer database, using special software.

LPG monitoring system


Transmitter KTX01 performs digital reading from the level gauge. It is compatible with any standard mechanical level gauges (e.g. GOK, REGO, ROCHESTER, SRG, COTRACO). Measurement accuracy is equal to the mechanical level gauge.

The transmitter was designed based on our long-term experience with telemetry on LPG storage tanks. It excels with a robust watertight construction and the ultra-low consumption, what guarantees highly reliable and long-term functioning without the need of human intervention. The transmitter is ATEX certified for use in potentially explosive environments (Ex-zone 1 and 2).

Technical data:

Transmitter environment Ex – zone 1 and 2
Environment category II 2G EEx ia IIC T4 -20 Ta +55 °C
Measuring range 5 to 95%
Transmission frequency 433.92 MHz
Transmitting intervals Every 2 minutes
Basic transmitting range 100 m
Working temperature -20 ÷ +55 °C
Transmitter power supply Lithium battery 1,100 mAh
Battery service life Min. 5 years
Certificate CE-type certificate (ATEX) according to Directive 2014/34/EU,
for scope II 2G Ex ia IIA T4 Gb

The transmitter is fulfils following functions (measuring and transmitting of following information):

  • Mechanical indication of liquid gas level in the tank and radio data transmission
  • Measurement of ambient temperature
  • Monitoring of cathodic protection condition
  • Measuring the condition of the internal battery
  • Obtaining energy from an external source 1.2 V (cathodic protection, solar cell, battery)

LPG monitoring systemMedium device KRT01 (transmitter-receiver) is used to extend the transmitting range or to transmit data under difficult conditions. The device does not require any operating or maintenance. The device is powered by solar cell.

LPG monitoring system


Receiver KRX02 is the displaying unit, which uses to receive signal from one or more transmitters KTX01. It contains LCD display, radio receiver, decoder and electronic unit.

The advanced version KRX02-GSM additionally contains a modem. It displays the data and forwards the data upon request to a mobile phone or a computer database via GSM network. For computer application there is special software available, which is included in the kit.

Technical data:

Receiver environment Normal
Receiving radio frequency 433.92 MHz
Radio receiver sensitivity -114 dBm
Number of displayed transmitters 1 to 9
GSM communication frequency 900/1800 MHz
Receiver power supply DC 9 V/100 mA or AC adapter
Working temperature 0 ÷ +50 °C

The receiver fulfils following functions:

  • Displaying numerical data in % corresponding to the liquid level in the storage tank and forwarding the data to a mobile phone or a computer via GSM network
  • Warning about flat batteries in the transmitter



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