Tauchpumpen Red Jacket, Ebsray

Red Jacket submersible pump

The Red Jacket from American manufacturer pump Gilbarco Veeder-Root is built as submersible multi-stage centrifugal pump, designed to pump LPG liquid. The RJ pump is able to pump butane, propane or any mixture of the two.

The Premier and Premier MidFlow are designed for standard LPG refueling applications with low to intermediate flow requirements, whilst the Premier HiFlow is intended for high capacity installations such as commercial vehicle fuelling facilities, as a source for multiple dispensers and bottle filling plants.

Model Flow rate*
at 7 bar
Flow rate*
at max. efficiency
Flow rate*
at 4 bar**
Motor Pump stages
Autogas applications
Premier 70 70
(at 6.8 bar)
100 3 2.2 5.4 21
100 130
(at 5.8 bar)
170 3 2.2 5.4 17
HiFlow (Industrial) Applications with a Minimum Throughput of 25 l/min
150 130
(at 8.1 bar)
190 5 3.7 8.7 24

* at 15°C, mixture of 50% propane, 50% butane.
** Remarque: All models of the pump must never be allowed to operate at less than 4 bar differential pressure.

Advantages of RJ pump

  • Operation without interruption of RJ running – it has its own inner by-pass.
  • Low noise operation.
  • Installation in the tank for greater flexibility in LPG filling station design.
  • Most cost-effective solution (economy of material, installation, lower construction costs).

Technical parameters

  RJ Premier RJ Premier Mid-Flow RJ Premier HiFlow
RJ Motor Submersible 3-stages motor, 380-415 VAC, 3 PH, 50 Hz
Length 1506 mm 1506 mm 1896 mm
Weight 39 kg 39 kg 48 kg
Parameters Ø100mm, ½“ NPT conduit size
Certificates EC Type Examination Certificate LCIE 03 ATEX 6271X


It is necessary to secure the pump from operation “on dry”, where in the tank there is no LPG. We recommend a minimum of double protection.

We have system of monitoring of LPG level in the tank and system phase sequence with Emotron. These components are placed in the switch-board.

Third protection could be installation of pressure transducer on the delivery pipe of the pump.



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